Apple Day

Apple is a symbol of devotion and attraction which appears over and over in mythology and romance stories. For example, in Ancient Greece, to throw an apple to someone meant to declare your love for them, and if they caught it, they were declaring they love in return. Well, it’s a very healthy way to show your feelings to the one you adore. Apple Day traditionally falls on 21 October, and it’s a holiday of everything concerning those amazing fruits. Celebrating this day is easy, just pick out your most-loved apple treat and take a bite. Today, apple itself must be the star.

We love everything made from apple🍏 and hence we will definitely celebrate🥳 this day with lots of love ❤️. A quick reminder – take advantage of our Apple Day Specials.



JOYDIVISION WARMup Green Apple 150ml
JoyDivision Warmup Green Apple ist ein Massageöl , die ein angenehmes Gefühl von warme gibt. seidig und glatt genug, um über den ganzen Körper aufgetragen. Grüner Apfel gewürzt Schmier liefert süß intime Vergnügen zu berühren und stärkt Verbindungen effektiv. Revolutionieren...
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