Happy days are waiting with Durex Fun explosion condoms

On August 8th of every year, National Happiness Happens Day is observed to encourage people to share happiness all day and to persuade others to look on the brighter side of life. What's the point of it all? Does it even make a difference? Actually, happiness does have a pretty important role in our lives. No one passes through life without facing obstacles. But by being happy, you have the potential to reframe challenges into opportunities, achieving many other cherished personal ambitions and goals. Snicker, chuckle, giggle, laugh, grin, whistle, whoop, delight. Make it a habit.

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Durex Fun Explosion
2.67 NIS from2.40 NIS
145.00 NIS from131.00 NIS
Durex Fun Explosion condom mix includes equal parts of Durex Elite, Durex Pleasuremax, Durex Strawberry and Durex Fetherlite Ultra Thin condoms.Durex Elite - super thin, only 0.065mm, and extra lubricated for a greater sensitivity. Durex Pleasuremax - specially patterned shape...