Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition Dice Game

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Erotic Games


Sexy6 is a magical game of 6 dices that is filled with all the kinkiness fantasies you could wish for and is designed to add spontaneity to you love life.
Magical roll will determine your foreplay fate – who will do what to which part of their lovers’ body, how will they do it and where they will do it.
This sexy six pack features 720 possible outcomes, so you can be sure to keep variety and sparkle alive in your relationship. Perfect for that romantic weekend ahead.
Creative Conceptions is an award-winning specialist and distributor which specializes in the supply of fast selling adult products and the creation of innovative, quality grown up games, novelties and gifts.

Features Details
Brand Creative Conceptions
Features 720 Possible Outcomes
Package Contains 6 Dice
Designed for Erotic Adventures
Playing time Depends on the Imagination
Players No Limit, Best for Pairs
Age 18+
Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition Dice Game

Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition Dice Game

42.00 NIS37.00 NIS