Bath Day

Today is the day when we say, ‘Go bath together’. Observed on June 14 every year, International Bath Day encourages us to skip the ordinary shower and to luxuriate in the pure pleasure of a good soak in the tub. There is no greater way to relax than by gently lowering yourself into a warm bath, and letting the water take over and soothe away all stress, but the sensual thrills quadruple when you invite your lover in for some rub-a-dub action. Use luxurious scrubs and oils to get each other squeaky-clean, silky soft, and gloriously uninhibited. Way better than a shower.

Tub time isn’t just for bath bombs💣 and meditation. In fact, bath sex🛀 can be a great way to get physically closer to your partner. Enjoy the mystery of wading into unknown waters🌊 – literally.