Sex Day

Can you feel it in the air – that hopefulness, that grinding? In case you forgot to mark it on your calendar, today is 69 Day. That’s right. It’s June 9, or should we say 6/9. Get it? Let’s be real: there’re some controversial opinions on the sex act 69. For ones it’s hot as hell, while for others it has a rep for being awkward on many levels (I put my what down where??). However, with an experience of a few variations of the position, we can confirm it's loads of fun and not as scary as you might imagine. And you know what? Sometimes switching up positions might even be a must.

There is no proper way to 69❤️ — just do what feels good for you and your bae. If you’re looking for a way to mix things up, shop some of our treats🛍️ with code 69LOVE for 10% OFF.