Sex Day

Can you feel it in the air – that hopefulness, that grinding? In case you forgot to mark it on your calendar, today is National Sex Day. That’s right. It’s June 9, or should we say 6/9. Get it? This day has a sense of humor. Not that we all need more of a reason to have sex, but now is a good excuse to indulge in some of those sexual fantasies you have – try a new, adventurous sex position, tie up your partner, add some whipped cream to the mix, or even give pegging a whirl. Sexually speaking, there is so much out there to experiment with, and even if something doesn't seem like it might be for you, feeling a new thrill just might make you a convert to something you never thought you'd enjoy.

If you're looking for a sign to treat yourself, this is it❤️. To help you make sure your bedroom🛏️ action is as pleasurable as possible, WorldCondoms gives you sensual goods to erotic fulfillment 🧴.



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