Female WET'gasm Set

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Female WET'gasm Set

WorldCondoms presents a very beloved lubricants selection created especially for women. This luxury set consists of well-known brands and their most popular products to emphasize women sexuality and self-confidence. In this collection you will find several water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants moisturizes, absorbs into sensitive and dry women's intimate area. These lubricants are stainless, easy to clean off. Therefore, they can be used with any sex toy or for sensual body's massages.

Set also includes silicone-based lubricants which last longer and do not absorb into skin. They are irreplaceable for playful activities in showers or hot tubes. Dare to try something new and fun!

Only now the 65.69 USD value set will be available just for 29.49 USD! Save over 36 USD with this collection!

Female WET'gasm set consists of 8 different lubricants:

1 x Durex Intense gel 10 ml – top selling gel with warming, cooling and tingling sensation.
3 x Liquid Silk 10 ml – top selling lube which creates natural and silky feeling.
1 x Durex Sensilube 40 ml – incredibly similar feeling to your body's natural moisture.
1 x pjur Woman 30 ml – smooth, soft, extra long lasting lubricant for sensual games.

3 x pjur Woman Nude 3 ml – specially designed for women's soft and sensitive skin, without any additives.

3 x Maximus 10 ml – exceptionally popular lubricant due to its wide variety of uses.
1 x Wet Platinum 10 ml – highly popular lubricant suited for full body massage and skin conditioning.
1 x WET Original 10 ml – water-based lubricant saturated with vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

This lubricant collection will help women to reduce friction and to increase sensitivity during foreplay, intercourse or masturbation. Females will love WET'gasm set because of ability to use it in a variety of ways.

Can there be a greater way to make sexual experience more fun and exciting?