Orgie Xtra Time Delay Serum 15ml

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Orgie Xtra Time delay serum contains a high-grade silicone formulation designed to provide a prolonged and smooth experience. It creates a protective layer that reduces friction and overstimulation without the use of anesthetic compounds.
This serum supports endurance and allows for extended enjoyment, ensuring a satisfying experience for both partners. Its compatibility with latex products makes it a versatile addition to intimate moments.
Orgie combines technology, knowledge, and attention to detail to provide the best products for pleasure and sensitivity.

Features Details
Brand Orgie
Product Type Serum
Base Ingredient Multi-based
Features Male Endurance Delay
Fragrance Neutral
Used for Stimulation
Friendly with Bare Skin

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Orgie Xtra Time Delay Serum 15ml

Orgie Xtra Time Delay Serum 15ml

US $13.95