Wet Warming Desserts Slow Baked Hazelnut Souffle

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Wet Warming Desserts Slow Baked Hazelnut Souffle is a sugar-free personal lubricant which will spice up the bedroom with the dessert-flavored aroma.
Water-based gel will give you a warming sensation, resulting in incredibly intense, knee-shaking orgasm.
Stain-free and lightweight lube is ideal for foreplay, oral, intercourse, and massage. For those you who are not afraid of strong stimulation.
All Wet lubricants are rigorously tested and formulated using carefully selected ingredients to give optimal performance in a wide range of scenarios.

Features Details
Brand Wet
Product Type Lube
Base Ingredient Water-Based
Features Scented & Flavored
Fragrance Hazelnut Souffle
Used for Sex & Relax
Friendly with Silicone Toys and Latex

Glycerin, Flavor/Aroma.

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