Gun Oil Lubricants

Whether for partnered or personal enjoyment, Gun Oil brand produces the highest-quality products to promote a more healthful sexual life. All the lubricants, formulated with the precisely selected ingredients, deliver a highly satisfying experience, elevate any pain or displeasure and provide smooth lubrication during vaginal or anal sex. Increase your sexual stimulation with Gun Oil H2O lubricant, which contains ginseng and guarana extracts to promote stimulation of the blood circulation. You will definitely feel true sensation with irreplaceable water-based lube. If you prefer long-lasting glide, grab Gun Oil Silicone, which is enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Try out highly concentrated, water-proof lubricant, that will help to make all your sexual dreams come true. Load your gun with Gun Oil lubricants and enjoy luxurious sexual life!

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