International Kissing Day

Kissing, smooching, snogging – no matter how you call it, International Kissing Day is a special holiday which reminds us to recognize the value of this simple but powerful gesture. Often in our hectic lifestyles, kissing our beloved one may seem like a passing thought or even a waste of time. But you shouldn’t think and feel like that. Is kissing important? Absolutely. From relieving stress and anxiety to increasing your arousal, it’s also the one chance that allows us to disconnect from our busy lives. A kiss in the morning or a kiss at night will keep the sparkle alive and is a great way to express yourself and bring some spontaneity to your relationship. So, go for it, have fun and experiment!

Kissing💋 promotes togetherness and couples💏 who kiss regularly live five years longer than those who don’t. So, pucker up and give out a big, juicy kiss😘 to somebody!