Europharma Tampons WET Box 6

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Europharma Tampons WET are innovative and flexible sponges designed to offer women more reliable security and greater physical freedom of movement during their period.
Anatomical design fits for every woman, giving the optimum security and providing the leak-free protection. The Europharma Tampon should be changed at least every 4-8 hours so as to prevent body odor from developing.
Unlike the traditional tampon, Europharma do not have annoying cords or strings to assist with removal, this helps to remain sportive during your period, play sports, visit the sauna, dance, swim, etc.
All Europharma products provide trusted period protection to let you do whatever you like even during days of heavy flow.

Features Details
Brand Europharma
Product Type Soft-Tampons
Packaging 6 PCS Box
Size Normal
Features Stringless, Removal loop
Absorbency Regular 💧💧💧
Fragrance Unscented
Lubrication Lubricated with a Lactagel
Color Pink
Used for Swimming/Sports/SPA/Love
Material PU Foam
Europharma Tampons WET Box 6

Europharma Tampons WET Box 6

69.00 NIS62.00 NIS