Everything You Wanted to Know About Fetishes | Fetch a fetish to your sexual adventures

letter how much do you know about fetishes? I’m sure you’ve heard about them. Basically, they’re described as personal sexual fantasies that one can have. Fetishes can be of different types – some related to parts of the body (feet or hands) while others are related to different objects or situations (ghost, clowns, voyeurism). But before we get into that, let’s learn the difference between kink and fetish.




Admit that, everyone has a secret desire for their sexual life – for some, it might be lighting up some candles in a dark room while for others using a sex toy during your night rodeo. Every little detail can be counted as a romantic or sexy wish. These kinds of cravings are described as kink or fetish. But there is a slight difference between these two, and WorldCondoms is here to enlighten you with a quite interesting education.


Firstly, what does kink mean? Shortly, it’s a desire that enhances your sexual experience. For example, fantasizing about a threesome, enjoying pee play (in other words golden shower) or simply trying new fun things in your sex life. As for the fetish, it’s also sexual greed, but it's for objects or body parts that are not genitals, sometimes fetishist doesn’t need another person at all. The big difference between kink and fetish is that kink is a pleasure that can spice up your sexual experience, while fetish is the only thing that causes sexual arousal, basically, you couldn’t get great satisfaction without a specific need. To sum up, if sometimes you like to do a role play – it’s kink. Can’t get in the mood without touching your partner’s feet, hair, or hands? That’s a fetish.

quotes The big difference between kink and fetish is that kink is a pleasure that can spice up your sexual experience, while fetish is the only thing that causes sexual arousal, basically, you couldn’t get great satisfaction without a specific need.




The most prevalent is the foot fetish when a person is aroused by feet. If you’re simply attracted to the aesthetic of the foot, it doesn’t mean you have it. In other words, feet should turn you on or even make you cum. Yes, I know this sounds impossible, but believe me, foot fetishists know better. With feet, you can stimulate other person’s genitals, do a gentle massage, or just sexy seduce into an amazing experience. How can you tell if someone has a foot fetish? Simply take attention if they’re looking at foot accessories, smelling them, or paying a lot of attention to them. If you have a partner with a foot fetish, prepare for a luscious feet massage, just don’t forget to grab massage essentials to make a maximum of your experience.

Interesting fact: famous foot fetishists that people are talking about – Andy Warhol, Elvis Presley, Tommy Lee, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Tom Hardy. I guess there are more, but we’ll never know.




Oh yes, we love to see ourselves in the mirror, but only if it shows the beautiful side, yes? Here’s the interesting secret – there are people who sexually enjoy looking at themselves in a mirror. FYI, it’s called Katoptronophilia (yes, I know, pronouncing is ‘easy’). The definition is simple – people are turned on by watching themselves in the mirror. Remember ‘Shrek’ and the Lord Farquaad who had a talking mirror? Well, there’s a scene when he gets turned on while his mirror shows a beautiful princess. Yes, I know, strange to see these kinds of things in the animated movie, but, well, we need to stay educated. About mirror fetish, these are the most common situations that describe this fetish: having a lot of mirrors besides your bed, masturbation in front of your reflection, or having orgies in a room full of mirrors. While this is called a fetish, this can also be a kink. Explore yourself by trying to masturbate in front of a mirror and don’t forget to use a good lube.




Yes, you read it right, ghost sex is a real thing. Spectrophilia is a term used to describe sex with ghosts to make it abundantly clear, that this is more about attraction between humans and ghosts. You may say that ghosts aren’t real, you can accept that ghosts don’t exist, but you can’t deny that humans have those sexual attractions. Spectrophilia may lead to sexual arousal which is stimulated by something that doesn’t exist or physically isn’t there. Remember the movie ‘Ghost’? What a luscious love story was between those two, facing the fact that one of the partners was a ghost. Well, maybe some spirits have unfinished love stories, who knows? Many famous people, including world-famous singer Ke$ha, have reported experiences of this kind of attraction. From WorldCondoms perspective, being invisible during sexual intercourse brings ultimate pleasure. You may try if you want to.




It’s true, people can be really aroused by clowns. This fetish also has an interesting name, it’s Coulrophilia, meaning a sexual attraction focused on clowns, mimes, and jesters of all kinds. People with this fetish often derive sexual pleasure from clowns or people dressed as them. Also, it can be more than that, sexual arousal can be brought by acting, laughing, or doing other things like clowns. In addition, there also is a balloon fetish.  By now, you might be left in a complete shock by the realization that Coulrophilia is a thing or you might actually be rather…interested. Life is full of fun, isn’t it? Some clowns are truly colorful and expressional, but not everyone can be turned on by clowns. If you want to stick with good tastes and nice colors, at WorldCondoms you can find a whole color palette.




Oh boy, those pretty hands. No need to hide, some people have fascinating beautiful hands. But adoring the beauty of the hands doesn’t mean you have a fetish. Hands fetish means you’re getting aroused by looking or interacting with a finger, wrist, palms, fists, or the whole hand. If those hands have a great manicure and delicate skin, oh just take a napkin… Giving a handjob, fingering or just rubbing into partners’ skin gives a bonus to reaching the highest pleasure. There are people, who can be turned on even by daily tasks that beautiful hands are doing, for example, washing dishes, making dinner, or cleaning the toilet. Well, here’s your true love, adores anything you do, just show those hands working! Next time you’re doing a handjob make sure your hands will be soaking wet, believe me.. you’ll see the stars.




Maybe you’re familiar with exhibitionists? This kind of people enjoy being watched during hula hoops under the sheets. Diversly, a voyeur is someone who gets sexually aroused from watching others having sex (and it’s not in a creepy way, this fetish must be consensual). As many fetishes have different meanings, voyeurism sometimes is not only about sex – this can be about watching or hearing other people making love, without having a part in those acts. That’s why it’s good for exhibitionists and voyeurs to enjoy sexual journeys together. Because these fetishes naturally aren’t approved. Casually you’ll not go to your friend’s sleepover just to see them getting laid? If you have one of these fetishes, before any sexual intercourse, let your partner know what you’re into because you’ll never know, what is waiting for you. And if something will go sideways, you can always end up playing erotic games, they can help to turn the tables.




It’s normal to have sexual needs and desires. While others may find it weird, others see it as a way of expressing themselves. While it has boundaries and doesn’t violate others’ rights, you can’t say it’s abnormal. Have a kink, have a fetish, have a fantasy, but most importantly, do everything right to make today’s sex better than yesterday. Play it safe, play it fun and when you’re out of ammunition, just know that WorldCondoms is here for you.

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