5 Important Erogenous Zones That You Should Definitely Know | Warning:  after this, you’ll never stop craving a touch

letter home people might not know them; some people might think they're useless. But we are here to tell you that the erogenous zones are capable of giving you a lot more pleasure than you expect. What is the best place to touch a woman to get her going? Which zones are the most sensitive for men? Great sex is all about doing whatever it takes to get your partner off. Foreplay means making yourself more receptive to what your partner needs from you in bed. The more you can give, the better the experience will be for both of you. Check out the TOP 5 erogenous zones, that everyone should know.

One for the neck

Kissing and massaging your partner's neck can be an incredibly sexy way to get them in the mood. In fact, just the slightest touch can make your entire body tingle – and it will be much easier to reach orgasm if you know how to use that sensitivity to your advantage. But if you really want to make things hot, try touching their neck with a feather or ice cube while they're lying back on the bed... or even just lightly grazing their neck with your fingers while you're making out. To keep sexy shivers going try doing a gentle erotic massage from the neck right down to the bottom, and don’t forget to include some scented and relaxing massage oils – your partner will thank you in advance.

The perfect chest berries – nipples

If you want to know how to make her feel good, look no further than her nipples. This is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body and therefore should be approached with care and attention. Specifically, stimulating the nipples can lead to sexual pleasure and even the ‘nipple orgasm’. For starters, try lightly tracing with your fingers through her breasts, imagining that you drawing like Van Gogh, then seek to play with tongue – sucking and running circles around the nipple (eat like a berry) may be a big turn-on. Some women like it when their partner gently bites and teases, but before doing it, make sure your lover wants you to. Finally, there are men that also enjoy nipple play too, meaning these tips can work out for both of you. After all, if you’re not sure if it’s gonna work, include some stimulants, that arouse erotic sensation around the nipples.

Don’t forget his under luggage – scrotum

The third erogenous zone especially for a man is his scrotum. Sometimes this part of the body isn’t on the radar for most people – but it should be! The scrotum is one of the most sensitive parts of his body, and it's also one of the easiest to arouse. The skin on the scrotum is thin and delicate, so treat it carefully. The difference is that some guys like gentle touches, while others may prefer more strict movement. The best way to stimulate the scrotum is through light touching, licking, or gentle sucking. If your man is up for a little bit of roughness, try stroking, kneading, or rubbing. Don’t forget the scrotum has a high concentration of nerve endings, which makes it extremely sensitive to stimulation, meaning taking care of his balls has to be satisfying, and definitely not a nervous experience.

Pssst… you’re a sexy listener

Probably, when talking about erogenous zones, you think about things like the genitals, breasts, and other parts of your body that are more traditionally associated with arousal. But ears? The ear has a lot of sensory receptors inside. Tickling the edge of your lover’s ear can create an erotical arousal, which comes from gentle stimulation of the nerve inside the ear canal. Yes, if you do it gently, sensually and with a romantic intention, this can truly be a big turn-on. Pssst, include some kissing, licking, or whispering something naughty, it might be pure bliss for your lover.

Thigh-shaking experience is the key

Let’s go for some inner thighs. If you think of it as nonsense, well my friend, I dare to ask – have you ever tried? Soft and gentle body part, that’s two fingers away from the most intimate places. Just imagine going slowly through your partner’s inner thighs, your palm reaching from the knee and going up till your lover couldn’t stay still. Make an experience, that will make your partner crave every touch from you. Try some erotic kissing, from that point, you could end up having the most amazing oral sex adventure. Tease your partner, include various erogenous zones, and be prepared for tasty naughty games with flavored lubes.


quotesMake an experience, that will make your partner crave every touch from you.


You know, that’s not the end

Remember that Friends scene, where Monica taught Chandler the 7 most important erogenous zones? Well, my friend, that was only her point of view, indeed people tend to have more hidden places on the body that can bring stimulation and sexy shivers. As time goes by, our skin changes, with that being said, we can feel the sexual tension in places we never experienced. For common sense, here are a few places you should know (grab a pencil): behind the knee, inner elbow, toes, under the breasts, inside of the ankle, hip bones, and other unexpected parts. Kiss your partner all over the body and see what really turns her or him on. But don’t forget, the genitals are the most obvious and well-known erogenous zone, so always keep on improving your skills by giving appreciated attention.

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