Dessert day flavored lubes

Are you ready to scream all over your bedroom? Make sure you’ll be prepared with a tasty dessert because it’s going to be a sweet blast. We all love ice cream – different toppings, endless tastes, cold feeling that softly goes through the tongue. Whenever it’s hot, the ice cream is here to rescue you. So mark your calendar because, on December 13th, we celebrate Ice Cream Day or in other words ‘I scream day’. And yes, eating ice cream in winter is more exciting than in the summer. Celebrating this day means one thing – it’s time to dive into cooling vibes! While hot passion and lust heat your bedroom bed, cooling lubes are cumming through. For the best combo match, include some tasty ice cream, gently eat them out of your partner’s body and finish with a cooling lube. From brain freeze to orgasm freeze❄️.

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