Punch day

Punch? Yes, please. On September 20th of every year, Punch Day celebrates the sweet and widely known alcoholic drink, punch. The word inspires images of lounging on a Mediterranean beach, outdoor summer parties, exotic places, and all fruity things. The name “punch” originates from the Hindi word “five”, sadly it’s not an excuse to drink 5 cocktails. Rather, it’s a reference to the traditional number of ingredients – alcohol, lemon, sugar, water, and tea. It's a little sweet and a little bitter – like romance! We encourage to join us in celebration of this day because it seems like a good reason to mix a tasty drink.

Might be time to start the weekend early🍹 as it’s Punch Day. Celebrate it with a refreshing treat that's got a real kick🦶💥. So, let’s live it up!



Ponche de frutas apasionadas con sabor húmedo
[Item_id_91029045257] WET® es un líder mundial en lubricantes personales y productos de intimidad. WET con sabor a pasión ponche de frutas es lubricante a base de agua. Lube es sin azúcar, sabor, como bienes ponche de frutas apasionada y ausencia...
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