Wicked Aqua
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Wicked Aqua
Wicked Aqua is a water-based and silky-smooth lubricant enhanced with Vitamin E and olive leaf extract. Rich and decadent lube absorbs completely to a powdery finish with absolutely no residue and easily rinses with water. Long-lasting formula of spa quality...
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Wicked Pleasers packettes 10x4ml
Wicked Pleasers pack combines 4 unique lubricant options: Aqua Fragrance-Free, Ultra Fragrance-Free Silicone, Crème Masturbation Cream for Men, Toy Love Glycerin-Free Non-drip gel. Slick and long-lasting sampler will heighten sexual satisfaction and intensify enjoyment. Perfect for adventures on the move....
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Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun
Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun personal lubricant comes with a subtle natural flavor of cinnamon for increased comfort. Water-based gel is designed to intensify oral pleasure and your sweet-tooth. Delicious lube is gluten and paraben-free. Scented Aqua Cinnamon Bun, formulated from...
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Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream for Men 120ml
Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream is specially developed for men to ensure unparalleled satisfaction during solo or shared pleasure. Masturbation gel formulated with Vitamin E stimulates intimate zones with pleasure and optimizes personal enjoyment. With a Coconut Oil base, the nourishing...
US $16.95

Wicked Aqua Heat 60ml
Wicked Aqua Heat lubricant is a unique blend of warming elements which thrills your erogenous zones with pleasure. Water-based lube contains no additives for an exceptionally silky feel. Gentle for all skin types and safe for use with all toys....
US $14.95

Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel 60ml
Wicked Aqua Salted Caramel is a long-lasting water-based lubricant that stays in place and adds an extra layer of moisture for more pleasure. Ultra-smooth lube comes with a stimulating salted caramel scent and flavor, making it the best dessert before...
US $14.95

Wicked Aqua Candy Apple
Wicked Aqua Candy Apple water-based lubricant adds fruity apple scent and flavor to your intimate moments for enhanced pleasure. Silky-smooth personal lube is created from 100% vegan ingredients and stays naturally wet during sexual intercourse. Long-lasting gel is latex friendly,...
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Wicked Aqua Chill 60ml
Wicked Aqua Chill is a non-sticky and fragrance-free personal lubricant designed to keep you cool as playtime gets hot. Long-lasting lube contains natural peppermint leaf, ginger root and menthol combo to tingle and excite pleasure zones. With a water-based formula,...
US $14.95
Wicked Jelle Heat Warming 120ml
Wicked Jelle Heat Warming is a water-based lubricant which has special warming properties to deliver unparallel pleasure. Super slick gel provides waves of warmth to arouse you and your partner during anal intercourse. The lube is pH balanced. Designed to...
US $17.95
Wicked Jelle Chill Cooling 120ml
Wicked Jelle Chill Cooling is an extra-thick water-based lubricant which provides cooling and tingling stimulation during anal intercourse. Cooling personal lube is paraben, glycerin free, pH balanced and cleans up easily. Unique formula without desensitizers takes anal to the next...
US $16.95
Wicked Aqua Pink Lemonade
Wicked Aqua Pink Lemonade is a vegan-friendly personal lubricant which supplements the body's natural lubrication. Pure, water-based intimate gel has a sweet lemonade scent and flavor to enhance erotic play. Cruelty-free and 100% vegan-friendly. Light and non-sticky lube with no...
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Wicked Aqua Mocha Java 120ml
Wicked Aqua Mocha Java is a flavored lubricant designed to enhance oral pleasures, satisfy your sweet tooth and sensual needs. Water-based personal lube will get the excitement with a natural formula of mocha flavor. Without an aftertaste, the gel is...
US $16.95
Wicked Teasers lubricant packettes 10x3ml
Wicked Teasers lubricant variety pack comes with 10 individual 3ml pillow packettes, so you can try out a range of Wicked products before choosing a larger bottle. Perfect for adventures on the go, each deliciously flavored lubricant has a mouth-watering...
US $9.95
Wicked Aqua Pomegranate
Wicked Aqua Pomegranate is a flavored intimate lube which fills the senses with a burst of juicy pomegranate notes. Long-lasting personal gel comes with a natural formula of 100% vegan ingredients for luxurious and non-sticky glide. With no aftertaste, Aqua...
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Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial 120ml
Wicked Aqua Cherry Cordial is delicately flavored personal lubricant with a sensual cherry scent for a sweeter sexual experience. Water-based lube is all you need to meet extra slippery and long-lasting naturally wet glide. Vegan-friendly intimate gel moisturizes the skin...
US $16.95

Wicked Awaken stimulating clitoral gel 8.6ml
Wicked Awaken clitoral gel is created exclusively for women to heighten physical sensitivity and enhance libido with a finely crafted botanicals and aphrodisiacs. Exciting vegan-friendly stimulant is glycerin, paraben, and L-Arginine free, making it ideal choice for delicate skin types...
US $13.95

Wicked Aqua Peppermint Cocoa 60ml
Wicked Aqua Peppermint Cocoa is a water-soluble lubricant which combines the sweet flavor of luxurious Cocoa with the pleasing tingle of peppermint. Non-sticky personal lube satisfies sensual needs and enhances the comfort level of oral activities. Stays naturally wet during...
US $14.95
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