Wet Antibacterial VibeWash Cleanser
Wet Antibacterial VibeWash is a gentle cleanser with a well-balanced formula designed to keep your sexual toys fresh and clean. Available in three popular sizes. Alcohol-free cleaner is safe to use on most toy materials, including rubber, silicone, latex, plastic,...
from US $14.95
Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner 117ml
Swiss Navy Toy & Body cleaner removes silicone and other lubricants from toys and skin. Cleanser is easy to use and excellent at removing lubricant. With a refreshing lavender scent spray leaves your skin feeling great. Cleaner is a formidable...
US $14.95
pjur Toy Clean Spray 100ml
Cleaning spray for the hygienic cleansing of all sex toys. Cleaning spray is suitable for alcohol-sensitive material such as latex, rubber and silicone. Dermatologically tested, alcohol and perfume free. Directions for use: spray directly on the item to be cleaned...
US $15.99
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Wet Keep it Clean Foaming Toy Wash 221ml
Wet Keep it Clean Foaming toy wash with a luxurious foaming formula is specially designed to ensure longevity of your sex toys. Antibacterial toy cleaner quickly and safely cleans and rejuvenates sensitive surfaces without damaging them. Rubber and silicone friendly....
US $14.95
Megasilk Cleaner 150ml
Megasilk Cleaner has an alcohol-free composition, this hygienic cleaning spray is ideal for gently cleaning and caring for sensitive surfaces. Megasilk cleaner is an extremely effective cleaner that does not have an unpleasant smell of alcohol. Directions: For hygienic cleaning,...
US $13.95
EROS Cleaner Latex Fetish 150ml
EROS Cleaner Latex Fetish is a hygienic cleaning spray which can be safely used on sensitive surfaces of your latex garments or sex toys. Fast-acting spray offers a quick, easy way to prepare your favorite pleasure tools for action before...
US $17.95 US $15.25
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System JO Misting Toy Cleaner 120 ml
System JO Misting Toy Cleaner is specially formulated for effective and hygienic cleaning of pleasure products. Fresh scented cleaner has a fast-acting gentle formula which leaves no residue. Perfect anti-bacterial solution for any sex toy in your collection Toy cleaner...
US $15.95
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