Orgie Electric Fellatio Gel 10ml
Orgie Electric Fellatio is a very intense gel which spices up your sexual life by providing knee-shaking and body-convulsing orgasms. Smooth and non-sticky enhancer delivers vibrating sensations in the areas where applied, intensifies orgasms, and boosts bedroom creativity. With the...
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Orgie Wow! Bucal Spray 10ml
Orgie Wow Bucal spray is a sexual enhancer specially designed for couples who are looking to spice up their love life. With ingredient from Amazon rainforest, Bucal Spray provides delicious multiple sensations to reach more intense orgasms. Extraordinary oral sex...
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System JO Vanilla Delight Arousal Gel 30 ml
System JO Vanilla Delight is a water-based arousal gel used during intercourse to improve women’s sexual satisfaction. Intense stimulant brings the most powerful long-lasting cooling and tingling sensations to increase the feeling of intimate pleasure. No trace of paraben and...
US $10.95
Cobeco Oral Joy Strawberry Flavored Gel 30ml
Cobeco Oral Joy Strawberry is a flavored gel designed to enhance and enrich foreplay and intimacy. The perfect way to revolutionize your sex life. Tasteful gel delivers more fun and pleasure during oral sex while providing stimulation and greater sensations....
US $19.95 US $16.95
Cobeco Oral Joy Vanilla Flavored Gel 30ml
Cobeco Oral Joy Vanilla is a tasteful gel specially designed for intimate zones to increase your pleasure and get more out of oral play sessions. Easy applicable gel maximizes the feeling of intimacy and features a sweet sensual vanilla aroma...
US $14.95
Cobeco Oral Joy Tropical Flavored Gel 30ml
Oral Joy Tropical gel with a tasteful aroma of tropical fruits is designed for every couple, who wants to experience more pleasure during oral play. Stimulating oil makes giving and receiving oral an experience both partners will enjoy with its...
US $14.95
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