Orgie Intense Orgasm Hemp! Stimulating Gel 15ml
Orgie Intense Orgasm Hemp! is a stimulating gel developed to provide tingling, heating, and cooling sensations. Intense Orgasm Hemp! comes with a formula of Jojoba Oil which increases the intensity of your orgasm. Soft and silky gel can be applied...
US $18.95

Cobeco Rush Herbal Spray 15ml
Cobeco Rush Herbal Popper is a natural stimulating supplement for both women and men intended to contribute to the overall sexual functions. Food supplement with Ginkgo and Biloba extracts intensifies the orgasmic senses, supports erection and helps to maintain endurance....
US $19.95 US $17.95
Orgie Sexy Vibe! Liquid Vibrator Gel 15ml
Orgie Sexy Vibe Liquid Vibrator gel is a fabulous non-sticky stimulator which works for any type of sex you could imagine. Silky-smooth and exciting gel delivers tingling sensations for exciting intercourse with your beloved ones. With a unique formula of...
US $16.95

Orgie Sexy Vibe! Intense Orgasm Gel 15ml
Orgie Sexy Vibe Intense Orgasm relaxes the body and improves sensitivity on the intimate areas for increased sexual desire. Exciting arousal gel delivers multiple sensations: heating, tingling, cooling and much more, providing you with pleasure never experienced before. Fragrance- and...
US $24.95

Orgie Sexy Vibe! High Voltage Gel 15ml
Orgie Sexy Vibe High Voltage gel features a concentrated dose of actives of plants from the Amazon to make the intimate area more sensitive. Arousal gel is used for stimulation to delivers an even more intense vibrating and tingling sensations...
US $24.95

Swiss Navy Infuse Arousal Gels for Couple Play 2x59ml
Swiss Navy Infuse Arousal Gels for couples are designed to satisfy both partners while heightening the sensations of pleasure by stimulating the erogenous zones. Enhancement lubricant for her promotes sexual arousal and generally focus on a warming, cooling, and tingling...
US $19.95 US $16.95
Orgie Sexy Vibe! Hot Gel 15ml
Orgie Sexy Vibe Hot pleasure gel enhances and sweetens up your foreplay with delicious flavor of strawberries. Non-sticky arousal liquid delivers a vibrating and tingling effect on the intimate areas, while providing a pleasant warming sensation. For both him and...
US $19.95
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