US $19.49 from US $17.55
überlube is a silicone-based premium lubricant for women and men formulated to improve skin sensation while safely reducing friction. Scentless, tasteless and non-staining personal gel reduces dryness and increases long-lasting lubricity with supple touch. No trace of parabens, preservatives, and...
US $28.95 from US $26.05
Super Slik Water Based 250ml
Super Slik is luxury, non-staining , water based personal lubricant to heighten sexual pleasure. Only a small amount is needed, supplements natural lubrication, enhances sexual intimacy. Safe to use with condoms. Super Slik lubricant is rigorously tested and formulated with...
US $14.95

Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil for Her 5ml
Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil for Her is a high-quality female stimulant formed to naturally increase sex drive and senses around the clitoral area. Intoxicate gel with a special formula of natural oils delivers an exciting effect that pulsates and...
US $17.95
J-Lube Powder 284 g
J-Lube is concentrated, non-irrrating powder that dissolves easily in water to form an obstetrical lubricant. J-Lube is an effective, all-purpose lubricant that is completely inert and non-irritating. The 10 oz plastic bottle with shaker top makes 6–8 gallons of lubricant....
US $28.95
K-Y Lubricating Jelly 82g
K-Y is a sterile, non-greasy and water-based jelly designed to intensify sexual relations and mimic a woman’s natural lubrication to alleviate vaginal dryness. The formula of water-based lube works well with latex and polyisoprene condoms. The lubricant combines pleasure with...
US $12.95
Cobeco Male Powder 225g
Cobeco Male Powder lubricant is an easy-mix concentrated powder which after the addition of water can be safely used as a moisture enhancer. All-purpose personal gel is perfect for sexual intercourse and masturbation to reduce painful friction during penetration. Use...
US $25.95
Kinx Anal Slix Water-Based
US $6.95 from US $6.25
Kinx Anal Slix Water-Based
Kinx Anal Slix water-based lube enhances body’s levels of vaginal lubrication for more intense stimulation and better sex. Ideal for penile and vaginal application. Greaseless lubricant with long-lasting properties boosts sexual pleasure and arousal with just a few drops. Decrease...
US $12.95 from US $11.65

Porn Sperm Artificial Sperm
Lubricant looks like real sperm as seen on (Pay-) TV. Perfect for those who enjoy being covered in sperm and need some slippery lubrication. You can use artificial sperm as a lubricant, perfect for private or professional erotic shoots. Great...
from US $17.95

Cobeco Rush Herbal Spray 15ml
Cobeco Rush Herbal Popper is a natural stimulating supplement for both women and men intended to contribute to the overall sexual functions. Food supplement with Ginkgo and Biloba extracts intensifies the orgasmic senses, supports erection and helps to maintain endurance....
US $19.95 US $17.95
Megasilk Massage-Fluid
Megasilk Massage-Fluid is massage glide which makes your skin soft and supple. Long-lasting glide quality, does not cause allergies. Glide is kind to the skin and breathable, does not leave any film or fat, neutral in odor, free of water,...
from US $289.95

Lick It Champagne & Strawberry
Lick It Champagne & Strawberry is a thicker, water-based lubricant which reduces dryness and increases long-lasting lubricity with supple touch. Champagne and strawberry flavored intimate gel delivers luxurious pleasure and can be washed away easily with warm water. Perfect for...
from US $7.95

ero by HOT Vagina Tightening Spray XXS 50ml
ero by HOT Vagina Tightening Spray is a tightening spray which increases stimulation to boost female libido and helps to overcome orgasm roadblocks. Tightening spray prevents lady part from aging and restores vaginal suppleness. Always keep vagina happy and healthy....
US $12.95

ero by HOT Stimulating Clitoris Spray Women 50ml
ero by HOT Stimulating Clitoris Spray is a high-quality stimulant formed to heighten a woman’s sexual desire and pleasure. Intoxicate spray with essential oils and a warming ingredient increases your senses around the clitoral area and brings a new dimension...
US $12.95

Cobeco Male Anal Relax 250ml
Cobeco Male Anal Relax is a water-soluble personal lubricant which provides natural moisture during anal or penile intercourse. Personal gel with a thick and long-lasting texture enhances the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity. With a unique formula, intimate...
US $29.49 US $26.49
Lick It Chocolate
from US $7.95
Lick It Chocolate
Lick It Chocolate is a long-lasting water-based lubricant which comes in an easy-to-squeeze packaging for a more comfortable use. Chocolate-favored lube is perfect during any sexual scenario, whether you are having full body massage or engaging in oral play. With...
from US $7.95
Lick It Wild Cherry
from US $7.95
Lick It Wild Cherry
Lick It Wild Cherry is a water-soluble personal lubricant specially designed to enhance oral pleasure and ease vaginal dryness. Long-lasting lube has a sweet delicious cherry flavor and sweetens up your day by providing long-lasting moisture during close moments with...
from US $7.95

SKYN All Night Long Extra Long-Lasting 80ml
SKYN All Night Long Extra Long-Lasting lubricant has a smooth silicone-based formulation, giving you a velvety soft feeling during any sexual session, including water play. Fragrance-free and non-sticky lube moisturizes and highly lubricates your sensitive areas to enhance the ease...
US $14.95
SKYN Aqua Feel Hydration & Softness 80ml
SKYN Aqua Feel Hydration & Softness is a luxuriously made water-soluble lubricant which highly moisturizes and lubricates your intimate areas during sexual ride. Non-greasy and transparent lube has a clear formula infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which smoothly...
US $14.95

Cobeco Female Anal Relax 120ml
Cobeco Female Anal Relax lubricant is formulated to give more comfort and heighten personal pleasure during sexual intercourse. Personal lube has a well-balanced formula which supplements the body's natural lubrication and is perfect for anal or penile application. With a...
US $25.95 US $23.35
Skins Excite Tingling Sensation 130ml
Skins Excite Tingling Sensation lubricant adds tingly sensations to your erotic ride, whether that's sex with a partner or solo session. Super-smooth and water-soluble lube enhances pleasure and increases stimulation, allowing for hours of pleasure without dryness or irritation. Infused...
US $14.95

Cobeco Aid Be Open Anal Relax 90ml
Cobeco Aid Be Open Anal Relax lubricant delivers a smooth and long-lasting glide for increased comfort and pleasure. Luxurious personal lube has a well-developed formula which mimics natural body fluids during all sexual activities. Thick texture is a perfect choice...
US $22.95 US $20.65
Flutschi Orgy-Oil 500ml
Flutschi Orgy Oil is high quality oil with long-lasting sliding properties. Perfect for prolonged interaction and easy to wash off. Oil is odorless and tasteless. Dermatologically tested. All Flutschi lubricants are water-soluble and guarantee long lasting sliding pleasure. Features Details...
US $28.49
Cobeco Oral Joy Vanilla Flavored Gel 30ml
Cobeco Oral Joy Vanilla is a tasteful gel specially designed for intimate zones to increase your pleasure and get more out of oral play sessions. Easy applicable gel maximizes the feeling of intimacy and features a sweet sensual vanilla aroma...
US $14.95
Cobeco Oral Joy Tropical Flavored Gel 30ml
Oral Joy Tropical gel with a tasteful aroma of tropical fruits is designed for every couple, who wants to experience more pleasure during oral play. Stimulating oil makes giving and receiving oral an experience both partners will enjoy with its...
US $14.95
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