pjur Cult Ultra Shine Spray 250ml
A shining spray for rubber & latex clothing. Spray gives the material a highly polished shine making it soft and suppler. Contains no preservatives or fragrances, no animal testing. Instructions: Hold container about 12 inches / 30 cm from the...
US $24.97
pjur Cult Dressing Aid & Conditioner 100ml
A dressing aid and conditioner which helps to slip into tight rubber and latex clothing. pjur CULT penetrates the molecular structure and makes rubber and latex soft and supple. Dermatologically confirmed. Contains no water, oils, preservatives or perfumes. For external...
US $19.99
pjur active mySKIN Anti-Blasen Gel 30ml
pjur active mySKIN Anti-Blasen gel works as a shield against all kinds of painful friction, whether it's from clothing, shoes or your own skin. Invisible and non-staining gel contains nurturing argan oil and natural vitamin E to lock in all...
US $9.95
EROS Cleaner Latex Fetish 150ml
EROS Cleaner Latex Fetish is a hygienic cleaning spray which can be safely used on sensitive surfaces of your latex garments or sex toys. Fast-acting spray offers a quick, easy way to prepare your favorite pleasure tools for action before...
US $17.95 US $15.25
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EROS Dressing Aid Latex Fetish 100ml
EROS Dressing Aid Latex Fetish is the perfect product to help you put on your skin-tight rubber and latex clothing. Non-sticky gel contains high-quality substances which guarantee your garments become soft and supple, fitting perfectly to your body shape. Skin-friendly...
US $14.95 US $12.70
EROS Shining Spray Latex Fetish 150ml
EROS Shining Spray Latex Fetish is a gloss and care spray which effectively restores the shine to your rubber and latex clothing. Antibacterial spray not only keeps your latex shiny and ultra-sexy, but it also nourishes and protects from porosity...
US $17.95 US $15.25
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