Just Glide Anal
from US $5.95
Just Glide Anal
Just Glide Anal is water-based lubricant perfectly suitable even for exceptionally sensitive skin. 100% vegan, paraben and oil free lubricant provides long lasting glide. Special lubricant formula includes seven plants with calming properties, which makes anal sex exceptionally pleasurable. All...
from US $39.95
Just Glide Waterbased
Just Glide Water-Based lubricant is made from 100% vegan ingredients to enjoy the most pleasurable experience. Medical lubricant is suitable even for sensitive skin. It is suitable for whole body use. Free of grease and oil. All Just Glide lubricants,...
from US $44.95
Just Glide Original Silicone
Just Glide Original is high quality, medical and silicone-based intimate lubricant made to improve sexual intercourse quality. Lubricant can be used for vaginal, anal penetration or sensual massage. Colorless, odorless lube provides exceptionally long lasting glide. Lubricant does not contain...
from US $19.95
Just Glide Toy Lube
Just Glide Toy Lube has been developed to replenish vaginal moisture naturally and decrease friction or irritation. Made to improve sexual intercourse quality. Extra thick lubricant is designed to be long-lasting, while never getting sticky or tacky. Suitable for use...
from US $13.95
Just Glide Bio
from US $5.95
Just Glide Bio
Just Glide Bio is a water-based natural personal lubricant specially designed to relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort during any sexual activity. Medical lube features the flavorless and odorless formula which is 100% vegan and safe to use with latex condoms....
from US $14.95
Just Glide Bio Anal
Just Glide Bio Anal is a water-based personal gel which has been developed as a gentle aid to vaginal lubrication. Medical lubricant comes with the 100% vegan, pH-balanced formula to provide the right moisture for your anal pleasures. Natural and...
from US $15.95
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