Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons WET Box 8

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Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons are unlike the traditional tampons, they are flexible sponges that help women face their periods with more freedom and confidence.
Beppy Soft Comfort Tampon adapts completely to your body shape, giving you full protection and preventing the period leak phenomenon once and for all. The Beppy Tampon is a body-safe alternative tampon that lasts up to 8 hours.
With Beepy Soft Comfort Tampon, you can also stay clean and relaxed during love making, since your partner will not notice you are menstruating. Each box includes 8 sponge tampons.
All Beppy products are developed by gynecologists, through dermatological and clinical testing. Due to its high-quality ingredients, Beppy’s sponges are safe to use for sensitive skin.

Features Details
Brand Beppy
Product Type Soft-Tampons
Packaging 8 PCS Box
Size Normal
Features Stringless, Removal loop
Absorbency Regular 💧💧💧
Fragrance Unscented
Lubrication Lubricated with a Lactagel
Color Pink
Used for Swimming/Sports/SPA/Love
Material PU Foam

Instructions for use
Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons WET Box 8

Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons WET Box 8

US $34.95