Bring Sexy Back Game

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Erotic Games


Ball & Chain

Bring Sexy Back, from Ball & Chain, is an exciting game for lovers who want to add a little experimentation and imagination into their sex lives and turn every sex session into their own fantasy adventure.
One player gets to spin the spinner that tells them how many activity cards they have to choose. The player has to choose how many of the selected activity cards they will use. When the tasks have been completed, the other player has to spin the spinner.
One thing is for sure, you'll never know what you'll get. Experience new adventures and complete all tasks to bring your sexy back.
Ball & Chain was established in 2003 and since then this company keeps on providing games and products that are appealing and incredibly fun to play.

Features Details
Brand Ball & Chain
Features 90 Activity Cards
Package Contains 1 Activity Dice, 1 Game Spinner
Designed for Couples
Playing time Depends on the Imagination
Players 2
Age 18+
Bring Sexy Back Game

Bring Sexy Back Game

US $13.95US $12.56