Mister Size 49mm Box 3

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Mister Size

MISTER SIZE 49 condoms feature a smaller size and revolutionary-perfect fit for the slightly narrower penis to give a natural feeling and ensure maximum security. Best pick if you want to make sure to use a condom that doesn’t come off during sex.
Engineered for softness and enhanced heat transfer, the MISTER SIZE condom has ultra-thin walls of 0.05mm – so both of you can equally get the same pleasure without wasting a single tingle of feeling. On top of that, the rubber is made from smooth natural rubber latex.
Specially developed with a snug fit, the transparent condom measures 49mm in width, where typical condom sizes vary between 50–55mm. Turn a hot date night into incredibly hot sex and stay safe with a versatile box of 3 condoms.
Because every penis is different, the first condom from the shelf isn’t a smart idea. Although it might not be the top of your mind, condom size really matters and it can affect your love-making experience. Mister Size brand is here to break the ‘One size fits all’ myth and lead you to the world of surprisingly intense intercourse. With a focus on individual experience, the Germany-based brand offers a great selection of seven different sizes of condoms, ranging from 47mm to 69mm in circumference. This will finally make it easy for you to find a rubber that allows you to concentrate on the most beautiful thing – sex.

Features Details
Brand Mister Size
Also know as -
Special features Ultra Thin - Pure Feeling
Size Smaller
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Natural rubber latex
Thickness 50 microns
Width at base 49mm / 1.93" inches
Length 160±5mm / 6.3" inches
Mister Size 49mm Box 3

Mister Size 49mm Box 3

US $7.95