Oral Fun Board Game

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Oral Fun is a deliciously tasty board game for couples who are ready to connect with one another through licking and kissing.
Passionate game will satisfy everyone’s oral fantasies – you will make your way around the board, giving and receiving oral in almost every imaginable way.
Naughty and seductive, the erotic adult’s game will take both players on a journey of peach eating and sword swallowing.
Creative Conceptions is an award-winning specialist and distributor which specializes in the supply of fast selling adult products and the creation of innovative, quality grown up games, novelties and gifts.

Features Details
Brand Creative Conceptions
Features Forces to Exercise Your Mouth Around the Board
Package Contains 1 Board, 30 Cards, 1 Dice, 2 Playing Pieces
Designed for Couples
Playing time Depends on the Imagination
Players 2
Age 18+
Oral Fun Board Game

Oral Fun Board Game

US $22.95US $20.66