SKYN Intense Feel Box 36

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SKYN Intense Feel textured condoms with intensely raised dots are designed to maximize stimulation during sexual intercourse.
SKYN condoms made of a modern non-latex material that is barely perceptible yet extremely durable are perfect for those who have latex allergies.
Those who wish to optimize stimulation and pleasure will find Intense Feel condoms the best choice. They feature the wave design texture and the sharply raised dots.
All SKYN condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine.

Features Details
Brand SKYN by Lifestyles
Also know as SKYN by Mates, SKYN by Manix, SKYN by LifeStyles
Special features Waved-dots
Size Regular
Shape Straight
Texture Textured
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Non-latex polyisoprene
Thickness 63 microns
Width at base 53mm / 2.1" inches
Length 200±5mm / 7.9" inches
SKYN Intense Feel Box 36

SKYN Intense Feel Box 36

US $43.95