Okamoto 001 L-Size Rich Lubricant Box 3

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Okamoto 001 L-Size Rich Lubricant condoms offers skin-like sensation and great heat transfer, while come in an elegant and easy-to-open package.
Carefully made from non-latex polyurethane, soft condoms are enriched with a long-lasting and moisturizing lubricant for smooth glide.
Larger than standard ones, extra-thin and ultra-sensitive condoms give more natural feel for people with a penis. Plus, each condom is electronically tested to ensure reliability.
All Okamoto condoms are extremely durable, CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine.

Features Details
Brand Okamoto
Also know as ZERO ZERO ONE
Special features Extremely Thin
Size Regular
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Non-latex polyurethane
Thickness 100 microns
Width at base 56±2mm / 2.2" inches
Length 190±5mm / 7.5" inches
Okamoto 001 L-Size Rich Lubricant Box 3

Okamoto 001 L-Size Rich Lubricant Box 3

US $29.65