Megasilk Massage-Fluid
Megasilk Massage-Fluid is massage glide which makes your skin soft and supple. Long-lasting glide quality, does not cause allergies. Glide is kind to the skin and breathable, does not leave any film or fat, neutral in odor, free of water,...
from US $289.95
Megasilk Cleaner 150ml
Megasilk Cleaner has an alcohol-free composition, this hygienic cleaning spray is ideal for gently cleaning and caring for sensitive surfaces. Megasilk cleaner is an extremely effective cleaner that does not have an unpleasant smell of alcohol. Directions: For hygienic cleaning,...
US $13.95
Megasilk Massage Spray 50ml
Megasilk Massage Spray cares and brings soothing relaxation deep into the skin. Relaxing for muscles and joints. Particularly pleasant to the back and shoulders, also for massaging muscles and suitable for rubbing of joints. The valuable ingredients stimulate the skin...
US $14.95
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