Lick It Champagne & Strawberry
Lick It Champagne & Strawberry is a thicker, water-based lubricant which reduces dryness and increases long-lasting lubricity with supple touch. Champagne and strawberry flavored intimate gel delivers luxurious pleasure and can be washed away easily with warm water. Perfect for...
from US $7.95
Lick It Chocolate
Lick It Chocolate is a long-lasting water-based lubricant which comes in an easy-to-squeeze packaging for a more comfortable use. Chocolate-favored lube is perfect during any sexual scenario, whether you are having full body massage or engaging in oral play. With...
from US $7.95
Lick It Raspberry
Lick It Raspberry is a water-based and body-safe personal lubricant designed for sensual massages, sexual intercourses, and solo-play. Silky-smooth lube features the unique formula which has excellent gliding properties with a subtle intoxicating raspberry aroma. Long-lasting flavored gel eases vaginal...
from US $7.95
Lick It Strawberry
Lick It Strawberry is a water-based personal lube with the fruity and light formula which gives you and your partner a feeling of extreme softness. Strawberry-flavored lubricant helps you to enhance the quality of sex and experience heightened pleasure during...
from US $7.95
Lick It Wild Cherry
from US $7.95
Lick It Wild Cherry
Lick It Wild Cherry is a water-soluble personal lubricant specially designed to enhance oral pleasure and ease vaginal dryness. Long-lasting lube has a sweet delicious cherry flavor and sweetens up your day by providing long-lasting moisture during close moments with...
from US $7.95
Penis Pump Cream After-workout 100ml
Penis Pump Cream after-workout balm moisturizes the male tool while the penis pump enlarges it. Smooth and non-greasy gel stimulates blood circulation and provides long term penis development. With a formula of Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, the pump cream...
US $12.95
Pride Silicone 100ml
Pride Silicone is a medical silicone-based lubricant which improves the body’s natural moisture. Smooth lube is paraben- and glycerin-free, and has no taste or smell. Provides long-lasting glide. With a unique formula, Pride Silicone eliminates intercourse dryness and feels great...
US $15.95
Sexy Boobs Breast Cream 80ml
Sexy Boobs cream is formulated from plant extracts and Vitamin A to ensure the thickening of the top skin layer. Water-based enhancer penetrates deep into your skin and targets the fat tissues to give you firm breasts. Sexy Boobs improves...
US $11.95
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