MEDICheck Pregnancy Test Dip and Read
Pasante MEDIcheck hCG Dip and Read is a urine test that can be performed at home by a woman to determine pregnancy. Ease your mind and find out the truth. Pregnancy test has clear and simple result layout. Lines appear...
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Clear Sign Pregnancy Test Dip & Read Box 3
Pasante Clear Sign Dip & Read is a simple to use pregnancy test with 99% accuracy from the day your period is due. The easiest way to find out if you are pregnant. Urine test is very sensitive to the...
US $5.95
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MEDICheck Pregnancy Test Midstream
Pasante MEDcheck hCG Midstream is a simple to use midstream test which detects the pregnancy hormone commonly found in urine. The quick and safe way to reveal the answer. Hygienic test stick is easy to carry and use in the...
US $3.95
Clear Sign Pregnancy Test Midstream
Pasante Clear Sign Midstream is an easy to use midstream urine test which detects the presence of hCG. The quick and reliable way to check for pregnancy. Pregnancy test is accurate even during the early stages of pregnancy. Positive result...
US $6.49
MEDICheck Pregnancy Test Cassette and Pipette
Pasante MEDICheck hCG is a rapid home pregnancy test which can be used in the comfort of your own home. The best way to get a clear answer. Pregnancy test is 99% accurate when done correctly. Designed to offer you...
US $2.95
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