Fetish day

It’s human nature to be curious about sex, and the curiosity doesn’t stop even if you’re having it several times a day or seven days a week. Today, we’re celebrating pleasure through subversion – happy International Fetish Day! Kinks and fetishes can vary from person to person, and sexual fantasies come in different shapes that’s mainly because everyone has different sexual tastes. For some, it can mean simply bringing a vibrator into the bedroom, for others, it could mean hanging a ceiling sex swing or grabbing some handcuffs. What’s your greatest dream? Today is the day when you can make it come true.

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EROS Cleaner Latex Fetish is a hygienic cleaning spray which can be safely used on sensitive surfaces of your latex garments or sex toys. Fast-acting spray offers a quick, easy way to prepare your favorite pleasure tools for action before...
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EROS Dressing Aid Latex Fetish is the perfect product to help you put on your skin-tight rubber and latex clothing. Non-sticky gel contains high-quality substances which guarantee your garments become soft and supple, fitting perfectly to your body shape. Skin-friendly...
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EROS Shining Spray Latex Fetish is a gloss and care spray which effectively restores the shine to your rubber and latex clothing. Antibacterial spray not only keeps your latex shiny and ultra-sexy, but it also nourishes and protects from porosity...
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EROS Silicone Based Fetish
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EROS Silicone Based Fetish is an extremely long-lasting silicone-based lubricant designed to make penetration and stimulation more intense. Medicated lube is formulated with unique formula of premium silicone to ensure pure gliding effect and long-lasting properties. Without drying out, slippery...
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EROS Water Based Fetish
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EROS Water Based Fetish is an odorless water-based personal lubricant used to magically improve natural moisture during any sexual games. Colorless medicated gel features pleasant formula which contains no essential oils. It is safe and gentle on sensitive skin, and...
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