Spouse day

The cold, the snow... everything can seem just a little ‘blah’ at this time of the year, including your relationship. Yes, this season can be tough on your love life, but winter is also full of opportunities to get close: romantic fires, holidays, snuggle friendly weather, and…Spouse’s Day. Celebrated on January 26th, the entire day encourages couples to take time out of their busy schedules to show how important their spouse is to them. Lock the doors, turn out the lights, and get naked under a cozy blanket. Pssst, don’t forget, it’s okay to leave your socks on this time of the year. Hug and kiss your significant other. No one is going to blame you. Enjoy, and best of luck keeping off the chill.

Today is the day we say 'I love you' to our best friends and partners💑. Give your special someone some extra love and kindness today to keep your bond going strong.❤️



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