3rd August Watermelon Day Sale Watermelon Lubes 10% OFF

Watermelon is a fruit with multiple purposes – you can eat it; you can drink it; and you can wash your face with it. Well, here’s a thing, we offer an additional feature of this fruit – you can lick it (in an erotic way). Could you imagine how useful this fruit could be in your household? Hear us out, on August 3rd Watermelon Day takes place, and you know that we need to celebrate this world-famous fruit. Buy some juicy watermelons and make some salads, frozen ice creams, fondues, and anything you could dream of. As for the sexy part, WorldCondoms prepared something for a juicy night!

Take a napkin, because WorldCondoms are giving you -10% for watermelon lubricants🍉. Trust me, the taste will blow you out and juices will not only wash your face but also your spicy intimate spaces (if you know what I mean 😉