Repeat Day

A fleshy fruit with a hard pit, sweet and tasty – no, it’s not your ‘joystick’. We’re talking about the luscious summer fruit – cherry. When it comes to sex, cherries sound a little bit naughty, don’t you think? While cherry symbolizes virginity, our thoughts may be filled with dirty minds. Imagine a sexy woman erotically touching a fleshy berry to her lips and gently putting into her mouth, it’s nice, right? Together we’ll cherry-ish this sweet berry on the 16th of July because we’re celebrating Cherry Day! Normally, people would go for a cherry-picking, doing jams or desserts, but as always WorldCondoms is ready to offer you a cherryfic celebration.

WorldCondoms gives you a -10% for cherry lubricants – enjoy the summer taste of sweet cherries and take something you’d like to try in your bedroom🍒. For incredible sex, you’ll only need a cherry on the top😉.