12th September Day of Encouragement 10% off on Anal Lubes

Having a rough week? All the time you feel drained, frustrated, and full of self-doubt? No worries – it’s not too late to turn this week from bad to good. On 12th of September, we’re celebrating Day of Encouragement which is dedicated to turning that ‘blah’ feeling you might have into a feeling that is more like ‘woo!’. Curious how you can integrate a little more happiness into your everyday routine? There are a few simple things you can do to reverse the cycle. Firstly, it’s never too late to expand your sex skill set – a new sex pose, erotic game, or something you’ve never done before, like anal sex.

If you have ever wondered to add anal sex to your dinner menu🍑🍴, WorldCondoms is here to encourage you to get moving. Now, all anal lubes are with 10% discount – don’t hit snooze🛒.