Domin8 Adults Game

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Domin8 Me is an erotic adult’s domino which takes you on a trail of exciting pleasure while exploring new sexual activities that unleash your desires. Win the game and your every deepest wish is partner’s command.
Lovers build a trail by alternating turns, laying sexy icon domino tiles face up. Once the last tile is laid, the arousing excitement begins – the winner chooses a scenario card that matches one of the icons from their last tile laid and decides who is domin8-er.
Sex game of control is especially designed for couples of any sexual preference. With Domin8, you can choose whether to explore your dominant side or give your partner the reins, but with erotic tasks to complete there really are no losers.
Creative Conceptions is an award-winning specialist and distributor which specializes in the supply of fast selling adult products and the creation of innovative, quality grown up games, novelties and gifts.

Features Details
Brand Creative Conceptions
Features Winner Chooses who Will be the Domin8-er
Package Contains 36 Dominoes, 26 Cards
Designed for Couples
Playing time Depends on the Imagination
Players 2
Age 18+
Domin8 Adults Game

Domin8 Adults Game

US $22.95US $20.66