Lelo Hex Respect XL Box 12

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Lelo Hex

Lelo Hex Respect XL is a fine transparent condom, produced especially for guys with bigger penises to free their heavy gear and to fully enjoy intense sensations. Lightly lubricated condom composes a combination of science, pleasure, and safety.
Feel extremely close and intense heat with a natural rubber latex condom, which features a thickness of only 0.045mm. Roomier rubber ensures a super-secure and comfy fit, as it has a hexagon texture on the inside, lowering the possibility of slipping.
Clear and elegant design reflects the quality of the product. Try this fine and prestigious condom and feel the sense of freedom, almost like there is nothing there. Respect your endowed penis with Lelo Hex Respect XL.
Lelo is the high-end sexual toys brand which delivers more ethical, more individualized, and more pleasure-focused intimate products than before. Lelo is based on quality, innovation and being different.

Features Details
Also know as Re-engineered latex condom
Special features Revolutionary hexagonal structure
Size 10% larger than HEX Original
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth on the outside, textured on the inside
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Thickness 45 microns
Width at base 58mm / 2.3" inches
Length 195mm / 7.7" inches
Lelo Hex Respect XL Box 12

Lelo Hex Respect XL Box 12

US $28.95