Sagami Original 0.02 Quick Box 5

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Sagami Original 0.02 Quick are non-latex condoms made from water-based polyurethane for ultimate comfort for people with sensitive skin.
Straight-sided and transparent condoms provide a gentle feel and are also extremely durable with high-resistance to breakage.
Ultra-thin and lubricated Sagami Original 0.02 Quick condoms are wrapped up in an easy-to-open butter cup package and has a special tape which helps to put on a condom very easily and quickly.
Sagami focuses on the advantages of polyurethane and provides one of the thinnest condoms in the world.

Features Details
Brand Sagami Original
Also know as Sagami ZERO TWO Quick
Special features Includes special tape for easy put on
Size Smaller
Shape Straight
Texture Smooth
Color Clear
Flavor Unflavored
Material Non-latex polyurethane
Thickness 0.024 ±0.008mm
Width at base 55±2mm / 2.16" inches
Length 170±10mm / 6.7" inches
Sagami Original 0.02 Quick Box 5

Sagami Original 0.02 Quick Box 5

US $18.95