Just Glide 2in1 Massage Gel & Lubricant 200ml

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Just Glide

Just Glide 2in1 Massage gel & lubricant mimics the natural lubrication of the body. Provides long-lasting lubrication and eliminates painful intercourse dryness.
Medical intimate lube has been specifically designed to heighten your sexual intimacy and the sensation of pleasure. Just Glide 2in1 Massage gel & lubricants is fully compatible with latex condoms.
With a formula of high-quality ingredients, gel can be used as a soothing massage oil to promote relaxation and a true sense of wellbeing. Silky and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin.
All Just Glide lubricants, gels and sprays are rigorously tested, CE certified and formulated with the highest quality ingredients.

Features Details
Brand Just Glide
Product Type Lube
Base Ingredient Water-Based
Features Natural Feel
Fragrance Neutral
Used for Sex & Relax
Friendly with Latex

Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethylcellulose, TMT, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Product information is a subject to change by the product manufacturer, please always read the instructions carefully before using the product.
Just Glide 2in1 Massage Gel & Lubricant 200ml

Just Glide 2in1 Massage Gel & Lubricant 200ml

US $24.95