Lollipop Day

Yes, someone made day even for that. Mark your calendars for National Lollipop Day on July 20th and celebrate accordingly. Lollipop is a staple in the candy world, it’s old-fashioned and nostalgic. We all loved it as children, but since we've gotten older and our minds have gotten into the gutter, we recognize the sexual nature of our beloved sweet on a stick. I mean, literally, when you see someone sucking on a lollipop, what do you think of? You know the answer. Therefore, we will be bringing the two together today. At the end of the day, grab lollipop-inspired oral lube and get the job done.

Who doesn’t love a lollipop🍭? How convenient. Candy on a stick, and what a brilliant idea. In honor of National Lollipop Day, here are some festive blowjob🍆 treats for you to try🎁.