Megasilk Massage-Fluid

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Megasilk Massage-Fluid is massage glide which makes your skin soft and supple.
Long-lasting glide quality, does not cause allergies. Glide is kind to the skin and breathable, does not leave any film or fat, neutral in odor, free of water, perfume, oil and fat. Free of preservatives.
Massage fluid is suitable for partial and full body massage. Glide is also suitable as aid for putting on support and rubber stockings.
All Megasilk lubricants, gels and sprays are rigorously tested, CE certified and formulated with the highest quality ingredients.

Features Details
Brand Megasilk
Product Type Massage Liquid
Base Ingredient Silicone-Based
Features Longer Lasting
Fragrance Neutral
Used for Massage & Seduction
Friendly with Bare Skin

Dimethicone and Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone.

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Megasilk Massage-Fluid

Megasilk Massage-Fluid

US $9.95